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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows and Bow Windows are achieved by combining three or more windows together so that they angle out from your home. They can be casement, single hung or picture windows depending on the design. Bay and Bow windows allow more light in and also give you extra space inside your room.

All the bay window units can be stationary, operating, or any combination.


Bay Windows & Bow Windows Features

  • Provides a distinct feature to the room and house elevation
  • Allows more light than a flat window
  • Can create an elegant window seat, breakfast nook or plant ledge
  • Will increase ventilation to a room when one or more sashes are open
  • Available in all window collections and window types



Customize Your Window

Creativity and design flexibility allow us to build multiple window styles to satisfy any budget or project demand. Please explore the ways we can make your new windows the envy of the neighbourhood.

Windows Collections

Bay & Bow windows are available in our following window collections.

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