Why Choose Us

We build to a higher standard ...yours.

Since 1976, our standards have been the same as your expectations – high. Designed for our unique West Coast climate, our windows are crafted with our trademarked, Enertech® system. Using industry leading components like LoE3 glass, the latest technology in silicone foam spacer, argon gas and our custom-designed uPVC multi-chamber vinyl profile, our windows will meet the test of time. We build them, we install them and we warranty them. Two generations of family pride and expertise go into every window we craft. The result; our windows are true performers, look great and last a lifetime... We guarantee it.


Don’t look through your windows, look inside them. Vinyl windows can look similar on the outside but compare what goes into the products you’re evaluating.

There are three key elements that define a window and the only way to lower pricing is to cut corners on one or all of these elements:


Your sealed units are made with true 3mm North American made, triple-coated LoE3 glass and the latest technology in warm edge silicone foam spacer (three different seals). The benefit of this is industry leading argon retention resulting in maximum window performance and endurance. Designed for our coastal climate, our unique multi-chamber frames are enhanced by multiple seals and the best window hardware available. You will not find a better built window, that’s why we warranty them for life.

West Coast Windows’ performance ratings exceed the requirements of Energy Star®, CSA and NAFS 08. This mean your windows perform better, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. This maximum efficiency means less need for heating and cooling and more money stays in your wallet.

Our installers are not sub-contractors paid on piece work; these installation experts are West Coast Windows employees who are factory trained to maximize the performance of the windows through the installation process. They are trained to do it all, replace windows, cut in new windows or any other window or door renovation you can think of. These highly skilled renovation experts truly understand the replacement process and match the quality of install to the quality of our windows. We build them, we install them, and we warranty them … one stop shopping at its best.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we craft your custom-designed windows right here in Delta BC, not offshore or in the USA, right here in your back yard. We have absolute control over the entire build process. This means consistent quality, consistent finishing and consistent service.

There’s a reason we’ve been in business for over 40 years… people like you. People who understand the value of sourcing replacement windows & doors from a local supplier who uses quality components and quality craftsmanship geared to our local needs. Your windows are custom-crafted on state-of-the art equipment by people who know everything there is to know about window manufacturing and installed by company employees who know how to maximize their performance.

Creativity and design flexibility allow us to build multiple window styles to satisfy any budget or project demand. Adding SDLs, custom shapes and unlimited custom colour options, we build windows to match the vision you have for your home. Options in glass include variable thickness, tempering, laminating, obscure and art glass to create a unique look for your home. As you would expect with a window of this quality all our opening windows include screens.

Our Enertech® windows hold top Energy Star®, CSA and NAFS 08 ratings. This maximum efficiency means more heat stays inside your home and more money stays in your wallet. Save money on energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint feel proud that your new windows use green initiatives throughout material sourcing and manufacturing.

Dealing with the manufacturer and installer of your new windows, you have the peace of mind of knowing that any warranty work will be completed now, not in a few months. Our Lifetime Warranty means that for as long as you own your home, we will be out to fix anything not 100%. We have been warranting our product and installation for over 40 years, right here in B.C.