Save Energy

Cleaner Air and Cost Savings for Everyone

Saving energy and lowering energy bills is something we can all control. By making energy efficiency a priority in our homes and businesses, we can reduce energy demands so that less gas, coal and other resources are needed to produce energy. Lower greenhouse gas emissions mean cleaner air and cost savings for everyone.

Energy Saving Tips for Purchasing Windows

  • Replace your windows and doors with ENERGY STAR®-qualified LoE3glass to lower your heating and cooling bills up to 30%
  • Ensure your windows have insulating argon gas between the panes to reduce heat loss
  • Select Super Spacer to extend the life of the sealed unit and reduce cold and heat transfer
  • Choose multi-chamber frame designs that reduce conductive heat transfer and reduce heat loss
  • Select windows that have fusion welded frame and sash corners and double or triple weather-stripping that eliminate air leakage

Energy Saving Tips to Use in your Home

  • Replace old model air conditioners to cut cooling bills by 20%
  • Use sleep features to power down home office and other electronic equipment
  • Use warm or cool water instead of hot to wash clothes and save 80%
  • Clean or replace furnace and air conditioner filters each month
  • Use fans to supplement your AC on hot summer days
  • Use only full loads when using the clothes washer or dishwasher
  • Only heat or cool the rooms you use – close vents to unused rooms