ENERTECH Glazing System

Our EnertechTM Glazing system is achieved by using the highest quality raw materials for each component of our sealed unit of glass. This top performing Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) combines LoE 366 glass, Argon gas and Tri-seal Super Spacer.

EnertechTM Glazing system significantly lowers radiant heat loss, admits more sunlight into your home, reduces the ambient noise and eliminates seal failure.

Enertech Glazing Systems Deliver the Ultimate in Energy Efficiency

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Cuddle up to savings – keep the heat inside in winter
  • Cool your costs through summer – less work for air conditioners
  • Reduce air leakage – with fusion welded corners and multiple weather seals
  • Say goodbye to drafts & cold glass interiors – double sealed spacers reduce cold and heat transfers
  • Enjoy a sunscreen for fabrics – energy advantage glass reduces damaging UV rays

The Enertech Glazing Systems Rely on Three Key Components