Everyone Benefits

Recycling reduces energy and the use of raw materials and minimizes waste. At West Coast Windows we employ best practices for recycling – which lower the environmental, social and economic costs of manufacturing. Everyone benefits.

Our energy efficient vinyl windows come with a lifetime warranty – West Coast windows do not end up in landfills, as other low quality vinyl windows do.

We limit paper by using electronic files and 100% post consumer recycled paper. We recycle all of our paper, vinyl, glass and aluminum.

We are a lean manufacturing company – we optimize the cutting of raw materials to maximize yield and minimize waste.

Saving paper one page at a time

We make it a priority to limit our paper consumption by working primarily with computer files. Quotations and orders are scanned and distributed electronically whenever possible. Unavoidable print-outs, faxes, copies, letter heads, business cards, leaflets and brochures are always printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. We recycle all of our paper products.

Presentations to customers or at internal meetings are not printed out on plastic overhead projector slides, but are projected directly from the computer.

Lean Means Less Waste – More Savings

Lean manufacturing is a process management philosophy that focuses on the reduction of waste to improve overall customer value. At West Coast Windows, we believe in and operate with industry leading lean manufacturing processes.

We use state-of-the-art glass cutting machines to ensure the highest possible yields of glass from each piece and to minimize glass waste. Our vinyl extruders also maximize yield and minimize waste. We recycle all of our off-cuts of vinyl, glass and aluminum. Glass can be recycled indefinitely because its structure does not deteriorate when reprocessed.

In addition to reducing waste, lean manufacturing also involves the flow of work processes. Improving smooth flow exposes quality problems – fixing those problems also results in waste reduction.