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Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, the sash swings outward from the bottom. This allows for ventilation even during light rain. These windows are uniquely designed to provide light while maintaining privacy when obscured or patterned glass is introduced.


Screens are placed on the interior of the awning window unit and a roto-crank in the center for ease of operation in bathrooms, showers and above countertops. Awning windows look great in combination with larger stationary windows below, so you can maximize the view and airflow, or on their own as a feature in a room.


Awning Windows Features

  • Steel scissor arms guide the sash to open and close and secure the opening at any location in between
  • Roto-crank operated for hassle free function and incremental airflow
  • Three weather seals with exterior seal available in colour options to fit your design
  • True balanced sash available to add a beautiful detail the your window inside and out
  • Allows for ventilation during light rain



Customize Your Window

Creativity and design flexibility allow us to build multiple window styles to satisfy any budget or project demand. Please explore the ways we can make your new windows the envy of the neighbourhood.

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