Our mandate is to minimize our impact on the earth through the way we choose to operate our business.

West Coast Windows has always been at the forefront of Green innovation.

  • We believe in being corporately responsible to the environment and the people who live in it. We promote energy efficient products like LoE3 glass and argon gas as well as Super Spacer, a NO-Metal spacer that provides ultimate thermal performance.
  • By investing in our Enertech Window Systems, our clients are assured of energy efficient, high quality products that produce minimal impact on the environment.
  • We recognize the value of thinking globally, but we also act locally. We use local suppliers whenever possible to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.
  • We employ best practices for recycling and energy consumption.


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Reducing Consumption

  • At West Coast Windows, we limit our energy consumption by using ENERGY STAR® certified office equipment, lighting and heating systems.
  • We systematically upgrade our office equipment with more energy efficient models that consume less electricity.