Frame Options

Evaluating energy efficiency involves more than Low-E glass. Our multi-chamber frame design, combined with Super Spacer, increases insulation and provides the energy performance of a wood window, without the maintenance. Fusion-welded frames and sash corners eliminate air leakage. Our reinforced frames provide the highest structural integrity and security and exceed all NAFS 08 testing requirements.

New Construction

Nail on frame, recommended for New Construction applications.

This window profile has an integrated nail on fin that is to be fastened to the home’s sheathing material.

Renovation Flange

Renovation flange or “rebate flange” frames are recommended for renovation applications.

This window profile has a mono-extruded vinyl profile on the outside of the window only that is designed to cover part of the home’s cladding material.

Equal Leg

Equal leg or “box framed” frames are recommended for select and custom renovation applications.

This window profile as no additional fin or flange beyond the finished size of the window.

Vinyl Brickmould

Built through the same process as the window frame, this secondary 4-point welded brickmould acts as a beautiful and simple trim material.

Custom built to fit each window perfectly, the vinyl brickmould takes away any need for onsite trims to be cut and installed around the window frame.