Pinnacle Collection


Pinnacle windows combine the warmth and natural richness of a Douglas Fir wood window with the longevity and maintenance-free peace of mind of a Classic vinyl window.

A stain-ready, wood interior is applied to the vinyl window, resulting in a wood interior/vinyl exterior ready for finishing to personal taste. Fitted with our custom no-clasp wood screens, the Pinnacle Window Collection is a true work of art, designed to meet the desires of customers looking for wood windows without the maintenance issues they bring.

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Select your hardware

Our high performance Pinnacle windows are attractive and extremely functional, utilizing a variety of hardware options that ensure smooth operation and ease of use.

Customizing the hardware in your Pinnacle window collection is an excellent way of adding design and uniqueness to your home without sacrificing safety, appearance, function or aesthetics.

Our seasoned team strives to assist you in achieving your vision through our windows.

Customize your Collection

  • Available in standard white and beige or choose from unlimited custom colour options.
  • Multiple glazing options are available to meet your requirements for energy efficiency, climate control, security and noise reduction.
  • Muntin bars or SDL options can created a unique look for your home.
  • Flexi-Jamb™ Liner is a proprietary installation system for the Pinnacle Window Collection that is exact and efficient, making custom inside finishing a breeze.
  • Pinnacle windows come with wood screens, multi-point locks and the option of roto openers and balanced sash.



Popular Pinnacle collection window types

Have a look at our popular window openings available for nice combinations.