Window xmas decorations


It is the most festive season of the year. Besides hunting down the best Christmas gifts for our friends and family we also love decorating our homes. Here are some simple ideas to let your windows shine.

Snowflake Curtain

Snowflake-CurtainHave some family fun and get your kids involved. This easy to make and inexpensive snowflake curtain is prefect for even the smallest window.  Be creative with colors and forms. Maybe even add some bling bling. Read More





Glimmering Ornaments

glimmering-ornamentsHoliday decoration the sophisticated way. Make your own glimmering ornament clusters by hot gluing ornaments to a Styrofoam ball. Use a fine wire ribbon to hang them. Read More






Christmas Candles

christmas-candlesNothing can brighten up a window like a display of Christmas candles. Arrange them on a tray and lay it on the window sill. Complement the display with some silver Christmas ornaments and nuts. The silver ornaments reflect the candle light in a magical way. Read More



Alternatively, if you don’t feel like decorating you can also do this.