5 DIY Halloween Window Decorations

Autumn is here and with it comes my favourite holiday: Halloween. This year you can be one of those boring people who comes to the door of their brightly lit house in their housecoat with a bowl of mini-chocolate bars. Or you can be awesome with help of some of our favourite DIY halloween window decorations, guaranteed to add atmosphere to your home.

Dry Ice Jack ‘o Lantern

draft_lens18545389module153426015photo_1316440477Dry_Ice_PumpkinOne for the bottom opening windows, these dry ice Jack o’ Lanterns do more than light up. They exhale a thick fume of perfectly safe carbon dioxide gas (not to be confused with the rather unsafe carbon monoxide gas)  which creeps along window sills and pours out of windows, only to disappear into the night air. Just be careful not to let dry ice come into contact with skin…
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bat-o-lanterns-pumpkinsThese incredibly cute  little Jack o’ Lanterns are created with small pumpkins, paint, glue and some paper or foam. Just  paint, decorate, and hang from windows or sit on sills. Bonus: since you don’t cut these open, and paint seals openings, they take longer to rot!
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Bat Garland

DIY-Bat-Garland-Step-7-300x450If Bat-o-lanterns are a little too much for you, try an even easier approach. Grab a few foam balls from a craft store, and paint them black. Attach wings, run a line through them (use fishing line to make them appear to float) and hang them across windows for an easy string of bats.
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Creepy Trees

project creepy treeI just love these. A little wire and some tape, and you can have creepy little trees, straight out of old Europe. Make a few and leave them on your window sill for a diorama like setting. Just don’t cheap out, put them in a small pot with rocks and soil for that Sleepy Hollow vibe.
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Spiderwebs for Windows

diy-spiderweb-to-decorate-your-windows-for-halloween-1An old classic. Using some black yarn and scotch tape, create webs and patterns in your windows, then leave creepy crawlies about for extra effect. This goes great with any kind of doorway spider gag.
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Or, if none of these do it for you, there’s always the good old classic, the Jack o’ Lantern. Happy Halloween.