West Coast Windows

  • Life time warranty
  • Excellent thermal performances
  • Triple sealed
  • Increased sound abatement
  • Excellent Argon gas retention
  • Low failure rate


  • Typically 5-10 years warranty
  • High conductivity of metal – decrease thermal performances
  • Single exterior seal
  • Higher rate of sound transfer through rigid metal
  • Higher dissipation of Argon through single seal
  • Higher failure rate

Super Spacer delivers the ultimate in thermal performance

  • Significantly Improves Condensation Resistance
  • Increases Insulation Performance (Better U and R Values)
  • Provides Optimal Energy Savings
  • Increases Comfort and Health in the Home
  • Provides Noise Reduction

Super Spacer® is a registered trademark of Edgetech I.G. Inc. DuraSeal™ is a trademark of TruSeal technologies Inc. XL Edge™ is a trademark of Cardinal Glass Industries. Intercept® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Inc. Swiggle® is a trademark of TruSeal technologies Inc.

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