West Coast Windows introduces Flexi-Liner™

Today’s rain screen requirements make using wood windows in new construction a finishing headache. The challenge of aligning inside mouldings has become a time consuming frustration for finishing carpenters, wasting materials and money.

To remedy this situation, West Coast Windows has developed an innovative, adjustable system for our Pinnacle wood window collection. Our proprietary Flexi-liner design allows for up to ½” of adjustment on the liner, making for easy adjustments to satisfy finishing alignment anomalies.

We know that using wood windows in renovation situations has always been a challenge. Knowing the exact depths for the liners is forever elusive, and on-site cutting and shaving has been the only way to ensure an exact fit. As installation adjustments may require as much as ½” in one area and as little as ¼” in another, West Coast Windows’ Flexi-liner allows for easy adjustment to bridge these issues quickly, vastly simplifying the finishing process.

For more detail on how this system works, please contact our office and we will arrange to show you a demo of our Flexi-liner.