Quality made replacement windows

If new replacement windows are on your home improvement list this year here are a few key considerations that will help you pick the right window glass and frame.

Replacement Window Glass

Low-E3 Glass is the industry leading Glass that includes three layers of low-emission coating, which reflects the heat back into the house resulting in reduced heating costs in the winter. In the summer is keeps the heat outside by reflecting it back to its source. Low-E2 Glass, with two layers of low-emission coating is also still available.

The big benefit to regular glass is the improved insulation. There are two types of Low-E Glass – Hard Coated Low-E and Soft Coated Low-E

The difference between the both is that a thin metallic layer is applied to the glass while it is extremely hot (Hard Coat Low-E) or after the glass has cooled (Soft Coat Low-E).

Soft Coat Low-E Glass is nowadays most widely used due to its better insulation. It also limits UV-rays coming through the window.

Besides Low-E coated glass there are also Argon Gas Windows. Argon gas is a gas in between the window-panes that slows down the transfer of heat and cold.  The gas itself is non-toxic and you won’t smell it or see it. It remains inside the glass for many years and adds additional insulation when used in combination with Low-E Glass.

At West Coast Windows we offer our unique Enertech Window System, which is a combination of the industry leading components of the triple-layered Low-E Glass and Argon Gas. Additionally we’ve added NO-Metal Super Space and customized multi-chamber frames.
window_anatomySuper Space is a critical component of Warm Edge Technology that keeps moisture off the glass and keeps the Argon Gas inside your window. It also helps to reduce noise.

The type of spacer material in your window can make or break your window investment. Warm Edge technology refers to the type of spacer material used to separate the individual glass panes in one window unit.  All types of metal are highly conductive. Super Spacer is made of structured foam that has been shown to conduct heat and cold at a rate over 950 times lower than aluminum.

Multi-Chamber frames provide more airspace than other vinyl windows, which enhances insulation further and provides more noise deduction as well as a stronger, more durable structure.

These state-of-the-art components provide superior performance for controlling solar energy and condensation. Means you will enjoy not only comfort but energy savings of up to 45% year round plus increased value to your home.

We currently offer a instant energy savings rebate of 12% on all replacement windows purchased and installed by West Coast Windows. Contact us for your free no-obligation estimate from one of our window professionals.