Today’s rain screen requirements make using wood windows in new construction a finishing headache. The challenge of aligning inside mouldings can be time-consuming and frustrating for finishing carpenters, wasting materials and money.

Our proprietary Flexi-Liner™ One-Touch Finishing System allows for up to ½” of adjustment on the liner, making for easy adjustments to satisfy finishing alignment anomalies. As installation adjustments may require as much as ½” in one area and as little as ¼” in another, West Coast Windows’ Flexi-Liner™ allows for easy adjustment to bridge these issues quickly, vastly simplifying the finishing process.


The origin of Flexi-Liner™

One of our long-time customers had been looking for a way to save time on window installations for their building projects. How to get the window in, the casing lined up and everything straight in the least amount of time?

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. And Neil Mawdsley is the father of this one. Working in collaboration over several months with Neil and his company, Georgia Strait Development Ltd., we brought Flexi-Liner™ to life. Thanks to Neil’s concept, all of our customers can enjoy the time and labour-saving benefits of this system.