Europa Collection

TILT & TURN WINDOWS - Engineered beauty

Often referred to as “Tilt & Turn”, this European window and door system can be designed to suit any architectural requirement and is an alternative to the traditional North American design of outward opening casement windows.

Vinyl-reinforced frames allow European windows to be built in very large sizes with many design options. All opening windows swing in and tilt back for ventilation and cleaning. Doors are available in-swing, out-swing, tilt-and-glide and bi-fold.

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Customize your Collection

  • This German extrusion profile incorporates multiple compression seals, modern European hardware and includes our industry-leading Enertech® sealed unit, ensuring the highest level of performance.
  • Muntin bar and SDL options also create a unique look.
  • Peace of mind is yours with quality, functionality and security.
  • Unlimited colour options include a wood faux finish.

Select your hardware

Our high performance European windows are attractive and extremely functional, utilizing a variety of hardware options that ensure smooth operation and ease of use.

Customizing the hardware in your European window collection is an excellent way of adding design and uniqueness to your home without sacrificing safety, appearance, function or aesthetics.

Our seasoned team strives to assist you in achieving your vision through our windows.



Popular Europa Collection window types

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